Analytical Services


Whitewater undertake a complete range of chemical and biological analyses, including:


  • Microbiological identification – bacteria, bacteria, amoeba, fungi and viruses
    Chemical (inorganic) parameters – pH, conductivity, hardness, alkalinity, and heavy metals etc.
  • Chemical (organic) parameters – Biological Oxygen Demand, Chemical Oxygen Demand, volatile organic compounds, oil and grease, pesticides and detergents etc.
  • Physical parameters – suspended solids, salt density index and flow rates etc.
  • Organoleptic – turbidity, taste, colour, etc.
  • Environmental – sewage and effluent plant water analysis to demonstrate that values are complying with local discharge limits and ensure plant is performing to optimum efficiency.
  • 24 hour Legionella testing – when results are required urgently in problematic situations.


  • Identification to species level of bacteria and fungi
  • Enumeration of air-borne bacteria and fungi

All analytical testing is carried out in UKAS accredited laboratories.